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Policing Services

In addition to counselling, I also offer two services as a consultant to the Australian police.  


Missing Persons Profiling
(International Law Enforcement, and Australian police, both federal and state)

Determining the reasons why a person goes missing is sometimes an extremely complex and difficult task.


Having extensively researched the reasons why a person goes missing, in addition to being a consultant for missing persons cases, I provide my professional opinion via documented reports for investigative and coronial inquest cases. I hold a PhD in missing persons whereby closed missing person cases held by the NSW Police Force were analysed. For more information on some of the research I conducted please click here


Unfortunately, I do not provide formal or informal assessments for the families and friends of a loved one who is currently missing.  My work as a consultant is only available following a request by law enforcement investigators and/or a NSW Coroner. 

Criminal Intelligence Analysis
(Australian police, both federal and state)

As a qualified intelligence analyst and policing researcher, I provide a thorough research service ranging from identifying key areas that require further research or exploration, through to the delivery of an end product that efficiently and effectively communicates information to your target audience. Research, statistical findings, and recommendations can be prepared for reporting to the community, as well as for federal police and state police operating in all states and territories across Australia. 


I provide both in-house and remote services, with the former being particularly key for the assessment and collection of de-identified intelligence. All data is stored electronically using military strength encryption. Please email or call me (0400 407 968) for all enquiries.  For more information on my qualifications and skills click here. 

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