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Professional Background

Professional Background
Prior to being a psychologist I was a Registered Nurse (University of Western Sydney), working in Emergency Medicine. I then completed my psychology degree with first class honours in 1996 through the University of New England. My honours included a double-major in clinical psychology and forensic psychology.  I completed a PhD in forensic psychology through Charles Sturt University, where I profiled missing persons within NSW. For this research I worked along side the NSW Police Force.

As a psychologist I have clinical experience working within women's health, where I counselled women, teenagers and children who were subject to domestic violence, neglect, and sexual assault. Whilst in this role I collaborated with Kathleen Gallagher (former NSW Police Officer) in the development of a safety program for women who are being stalked. This program is still being used today. I have also worked at Charles Sturt University as a lecturer in forensic psychology and criminal justice, and subject coordinator for developmental psychology. 
Missing Persons Profiling

Assessment of the reasons why a missing person is missing is central to the allocation of resources when investigating a missing person case. My doctoral research helped to identify key factors that help NSW police make an informed decision about the likely reasons for the person being missing. I examined those who are missing due to having run away, suicided, as well as those who had met with foul play. The resultant profile was incorporated into a checklist system by the NSW police to help assess risk and to inform the allocation of precious resources. My research in missing persons is an ongoing project. 


I work as a consultant for the NSW police assisting with missing persons cases, particularly those that are difficult to assess. Within this role I prepare reports for the investigating officer, and for the coroner, should a coronial inquest be a matter that forms part of the investigation.

Criminal Intelligence Analysis

I graduated with a Masters in Intelligence Analysis in 2016. My masters was completed through the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security, Charles Sturt University.  The focus throughout my masters was on criminal intelligence analysis. My research examined the motivation for homicide, exploring a wide variety of factors recorded within the National Homicide Monitoring Program. 


An analyst performs many duties, both at the community level as well as at a strategic level. Combined with my skills in statistical analyses (univariate, multivariate, data mining and modelling techniques) I am well equipt to analyse small and large datasets held by Australian police agencies and their stakeholders. 

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