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It is well documented that many first responders sometimes resist seeking mental health support, even if privately the person is experiencing great psychological distress. This is in part due to the unfounded stigma associated with accessing such support, but also because there are often concerns about confidentiality, as well as possible discrimination and prejudice.  Education for all employees is crucial to helping address issues that relate to reluctance and ambivalence surrounding seeing a psychologist, or other mental health professionals.


I provide face-to-face and webinar education to groups who are at risk of work-related trauma. The primary groups I talk to include all forms of Australian police, paramedics, fire brigade personnel, those who work with State Emergency Services (SES), and all levels and specialities within medical and nursing specialisations (especially those working in Emergency Department, midwifery and intensive care). I am available to any industry who feels their staff require tailored and specialised mental health education. I also provide tailored psychological assessment for potentially vulnerable workers and resiliency training that matches assessment outcomes. 

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