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Questions about Skype Counselling


What issues are NOT suited to video counselling


  • if you are experiencing a current crisis

  • if you are suicidal or have a history of suicide attempts

  • if you are under 18 years of age

  • anyone experiencing domestic violence, be it emotional, physical or sexual (contact 1800 RESPECT)

  • if you are currently self-harming

  • if you know or suspect that you suffer drug or chronic alcohol dependence

  • those experiencing severe or uncontrolled mental illness

  • if you have a recent history or are currently experiencing psychotic episodes

  • if you have a diagnosed but untreated personality disorder

  • those with bipolar disorder who are not currently medicated or in treatment

  • if you are diagnosed with untreated clinical depression

  • those with current untreated eating disorders


If you are in need of urgent intervention, please contact the 24-hour crisis counselling service

Lifeline on 13 11 14, or call 000. You can also view this link which lists crisis support services Australia-wide. 



Who may benefit the most from Skype counselling


  • any person living or working in a regional, remote or isolated region of Australia who meets the criteria

  • any individual seeking an after-hours counselling session who meets the criteria.

  • an individual unable to travel due to transport or mobility difficulties who meets the criteria

  • a busy parent with young children who meets the criteria

  • a hard-working yet time-poor professional or shift-worker who meets the criteria



What is the cost


The cost is the same standard counselling fee for face-to-face counselling. You will be required to pay 24 hours before your scheduled online counselling session. This is easily arranged privately with your counsellor prior to your consultation.


What preparation is needed


Please note that all appointments will take place Sydney time, NSW. It is your responsibility to ‘turn up’ online for counselling at the agreed time. Be online 5 minutes before the scheduled session. Make sure that you are on Sydney time. You should have a pen and paper handy. You will need a reliable high-speed internet connection, webcam on your computer or laptop. You can also use your phone if you have downloaded the app (see below).


My Skype name is: Shaunagh Foy or click on this link



How to use Skype


Skype is a software that provides video chat and voice calls. You can access it from computers, tablets or mobile devices via the internet. Skype is free of adware, malware and spyware. Most importantly, Skype is confidential.

To download Skype, go to the Skype website and download the program to your computer. This will then guide you through the process to set up a username and check your audio and (or) video connections. To use Skype on your download the app from whichever phone you use. Here are the download links for iPhone and for Android devices. 


I will send you a contact request on Skype, using your Skype username. After the request has been accepted, simply answer the video call in the application.


For more information see How to get started with Skype.




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