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Counselling and Psychoeducational Services

In addition to community counselling (or generalist counselling), I offer three primary psychological services.  


Work-related Stress Counselling
PTSD Diagnosis and Treatment
Work-place Psychoeducation

Work-related stress is a very broad term, that more generally refers to mental and emotional issues that are occurring in the workplace. The stress might be related to excessive work demands or difficult relationships with colleagues. It can also include a conflict that is interfering with your work performance, communication issues with peers, or allegations of misconduct. The negative effects for yourself and your performance can be significant. 


I offer services for any person who is in paid or voluntary work.  


Through confidential, sensitive and practical counselling, I help those who are experiencing work-related issues. I am trained in brief solution-focussed therapy, in addition to the treatment of anxiety, depression and suicide risk assessment. I tailor cognitive behaviour therapy, solution-focussed therapy, and interpersonal therapy to suit your needs and circumstances.


Counselling for work-related problems tends to be briefer, requiring approximately six sessions depending on your circumstances. Counselling can be provided face-to-face in Bathurst, or via Skype (subject to Medicare's regional guidelines). 

Work-related trauma is any incident, event or experience that has occurred in the workplace which has been stressful. Any workplace setting can be the scene where a traumatic event is experienced. More often, however, those who work in policing, paramedics, medicine, nursing, fire and rescue services, volunteer services, truck drivers, and train drivers are more likely to experience a traumatic event. 


Through confidential, sensitive and individualised counselling, I help those who have experienced an event or series of events. I am trained in prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD in adults, in addition to suicide risk assessment, cognitive behaviour therapy, and solution-focussed therapy. I provide psychometric testing and treatment for those who have been directly affected by work-place events.


Treatment for PTSD tends to require 10 or more sessions, though the treatment plan is determined after you have been assessed and we have discussed your personal needs.


Health and community services is the largest industry making mental health claims in Australia, with defence force, fire fighters and police, heavy vehicle drivers and health workers being one of the most at risk groups


I provide education and training in the areas of psychological well-being in the workplace as well as psychoeducation where there is a high risk of exposure to work-related trauma.  


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